When I ran for office in 2014 my goal was to be a very active Council Member. I feel that I have achieved that goal, representing the Town, tackling issues and I've learned so much along the way.

I'm not a politician... and very honored to serve the residents of Gilbert and I'd love the opportunity to serve another term as a Council Member. Gilbert is an amazing place to live,  run a business, and raise a family. Residents, business owners and the Town work together as a team.

It makes me proud when I have a business owner say "working with the Town of Gilbert has been one of best experiences I've ever had, the town runs like a business and not like government", or when I work with a resident to solve an issue for them and they never thought they'd "hear from a member of the council", or when I can connect a non-profit with a business to fill a need they have.

Please reach out to me if you have questions!


Public Safety

Public Safety is a top priority for me. Hiring Officers and Firefighters to fill vacancies created by retirements and for growth; as time passes and technology changes making sure Officers and Firefighters have the equipment needed to do their jobs; and finally ensuring they are receiving all the training needed to protect themselves and our community. 

Long Range Planning

Planning has been a main focus of mine since 2000 when I joined the TOG Planning Commission. We are just beginning the next 10 year General Plan update, which I intend to be heavily involved in. Good planning has laid the foundation for the community we have and is more important as we look towards build-out. Commercial and retail has changed dramatically over the last 8 years and this should be a main focus of this GP update. Infrastructure is a major part of this discussion as we move towards build-out. The vote for this GP will coincide with the Centennial of Gilbert in 2020! 

Healthy & Vibrant Community

Working with non-profit partners in the most strategic and fiscally responsible way to fill the needs of our most vulnerable residents. As a Council Member, I've been able to form relationships with so many different groups, businesses and individuals that I can introduce and link together when and where there is a need. Including regional partnerships to fight Opioid Abuse and Sex Trafficking. 

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