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Jack Sellers - Maricopa County Supervisor


Scott Anderson - Mayor of Gilbert

Yung Koprowski - Vice Mayor of Gilbert

Kevin Hartke - Mayor of Chandler

Gail Barney - Mayor of Queen Creek

Julia Wheatley - Vice Mayor of Queen Creek

Renee Lopez - Vice Mayor of Chandler

Scott September - Gilbert Council Member

Kathy Tilque - Gilbert Council Member

Bill Spence - Gilbert Council Member

Jeff Brown - Queen Creek Council Member

Kevin Thompson – Mesa City Councilman

Robin Arredondo-Savage - Tempe Council Member

Lauren Tolmachoff - Glendale Council Member

Reed Carr - Gilbert Public Schools Board Member

Lori Wood - Gilbert Public Schools Board Member

Jill Humphreys - Gilbert Public Schools Board Member

Sheila Uggetti - Gilbert Public Schools Board Member

Amy Kaylor - Higley Unified Schools Governing Board Member

Greg Wojtovich - Higley Unified Schools Governing Board

Kristina Reese - Higley Unified Schools Governing Board


Jenn Daniels - Former Gilbert Mayor

Dale Hallock - Former Gilbert Mayor

Cynthia Dunham - Former Gilbert Mayor

Ben Cooper - Former Gilbert Council Member 

Les Presmyk - Former Gilbert Council Member 

Don Skousen - Former Gilbert Council Member 

John Sentz - Former Gilbert Council Member

Larry Morrison - Former Gilbert Council Member

Dave Crozier - Former Gilbert Council Member

Joan Krueger - Former Gilbert Council Member

Wally Delecki - Former GPS Superintendent

Collin DeWitt - Retired Gilbert Fire Chief

Tim Dorn - Retired Gilbert Police Chief

Carlyle Begay - Former Arizona State Senate

Karen Udall - Former Gilbert Public School Board Member

Tim Hovik - San Tan Ford

Sam Szeto - Dragon Wok Fine Chinese Restaurant

Larry Melton - AZ Water Systems

Tina & Rocky Singh - 212 Ice Cream Studio

Joey & Chanel Bradfisch - Modern West Photobooth

Emily "Sweetz" Barton - Sweetz Brew Cold Coffee Co.

Aaron Childs - Journey Maps & Live and Local AZ

Elaine Kessler - Elaine Kessler Photography

Adelaida Severson - Bushtex, Inc

Kevin De Rosa - Advance Paper

Julia & Nick Macaluso - GR8FR8 Logistics

Tracey Groy - Willow Massage & Spa

Unmarked Beauty and Wellness

Ryan Hamilton 

Jan Simon

Noah Mundt 

Brian Andersen 

Nathan Mackin

Phil Alibrandi 

Anthony & Catherine Bianchi

William Scalzo

Adam Baugh

John Baca

Jennifer Yang

Venessa Whitener

Joyce & Mark Wentland

Deb Carr

LaCinda Lewis

Eric Castillo-Wilson

Mario Diaz

Dave Rosenfeld

Jim DoBrunz 

Robin & Doug Hall

Mark & Mickie Newman

TJ & Macee Tillman

Jimmy & Rachelle Lindblom

Blake & Cindy Sacha

Brock & Julie Graham

Todd Jorgenson

Margo Treece

Dale & Suzanne Lunt

Susie Jackson

Joe & Lisa Geusic

Mike, Shelly & Kiley Burkhart

Suzy Horvath

Gayle & Garry Disch

Van Dunham

Jim White

Sherri Gurr

Javier "Fabian" Cota

Paco Baltazar

Brian & Jen Dille

Richard & Casey Norman

Rudy Apodaca

Vince Giovannini

Nathan Quezada

Cher McCoy

Jeff & Susan Williams

Ryan Norris

Virginia Morrision

Barb Farmer

Mary Ellen Fresquez

Steven Harvey

Ron DeMario

Mike & Diane Rydell

Misty & Russ Ward

Gary & Judith Willman

Christopher Bringardner

Allison Madsen

Thomas Arbaugh

Eric, Paulette, Mikayla & Mackenzie Goldman

Nelson Ruiz

Kristine McGettigan

Bruce Caissie

Don Perry

Bill & Diane Campbell

Mum Martens

Leticia Barwick

Greg Tilque

Amber Pennell

Leanna & Jeff DeBellevue

Al Heredia

Phil Bobadilla

Derek & Heather Madsen

Andrea Blake

Allie Stark 

Robin Gorman

Bill Boc & Colleen Gallagher

Christine Zahn

Candy Body

Mai-lin Rangel Wohler

Emily Harry

Shanna Tingom

Adrianne Lynch

Brenda Griesemer

Dustin Holindrake

Holly Pritulsky

Jaime & Dan Johnson

Delmer Geesey

Jessica Sarkissian

Caryn Mannheimer Lewis

Vicky & Dan Songer

Nancy Hurst

Rob Actis

Janet Latour

Todd & Tammy Brady

Jenna Kahl

Javier Rodriguez

Randy Sink

Bridget Doherty

Amber Gatej

Cathy ONeil

Gwynne Fullmer

Liz Norwood

Vanessa & John Jirrels

Danielle Skranak

Tami Greer

Julie Bader

Meredith & Steve Simpson

Jennifer Oliver

Julie & Kurt Scanio

Bill Salvatore

Ann Norbut

Amy Navarro

Susan Moran

Emily Ewing

Rob Elder

Robin & Mark Horn

Marji Scotten

Lori Gauna-Barcklay

Ron Klose

Cindy Nelson

Cindy Barnes

Emily Evans

Cheryl & Rob DiLullo

Jae & Diann Christensen

Kerri Gideon

Eric Reber



"Brigette and I met through our shared passion for the East Valley.  She is committed to making Gilbert the best it can be, and will fight for responsible and effective budgets, public safety and business relationships.  Brigette is a friend and valuable asset to the East Valley and I look forward to working with her for many years to come."

Renee Lopez - Vice Mayor

Chandler City Council

"Brigette's dedication to Gilbert is undeniable. We've worked side-by-side for many years and I've always found her to be sincerely focused on what is best for Gilbert -- both now and into the future."

Ben Cooper

Former Gilbert Council Member

"Brigette's passion for selfless service, strong ethics, people skills and sincere love for Gilbert will make her a great Mayor"

Tim Dorn - Retired

Gilbert Police Chief

"Brigette I strongly endorse your candidacy for Mayor of Gilbert. You have always been a great supporter of the Gilbert Parks and Recreation Department which provides critical family services.

Your experience as a Council Member has prepared you well for the Mayor’s position. 

You stand out from the other inexperienced candidates, and bring knowledge and vigor needed for this position.

In these stressful times we need experienced leadership and a person who cares about the community she knows."

William Scalzo

Gilbert Parks and Recreation Foundation Board President

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