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When I ran for Town Council in 2014 & 2018 my main goal was to be a Council Member who was involved in many aspects of our Town. I worked hard toward that goal, representing the Town with our businesses, in Regional and state causes, tackling issues I understood were important to Gilbert residents. As a result, I have formed relationships with our education, faith and business leaders. I’ve spent so much time with so many residents and listened to concerns and I am ready to take all that time and knowledge to the next level while serving the Gilbert community as Mayor. 

There have been a lot of changes to the Gilbert Town Council this year and now more than ever it's important to elect a Mayor that has experience serving in elected office! 


I’m lucky to be an empty nester with a supportive husband which provides me the time to offer to this position.  Gilbert’s Mayor is responsible to serve in many positions all over the Region in addition to the local duties in Gilbert. As the former Chairman & Vice Chairman of the Planning Commission and Vice Mayor of Gilbert, I’ve represented Gilbert in many places and look forward to continuing to bring the community together over the issues that mean the most to us. Gilbert is an amazing place to live, run a business and raise a family. Residents, business owners, our faith community, education leaders and the Town work together as a team and I want to make sure we continue in that fashion.

I am proud to hear a business owner say "working with the Town of Gilbert has been one of best experiences I've ever had; the town runs like a business and not like government." Or, when I work with a resident to solve an issue for them and they never thought they'd "hear from a member of the council."  And, working with our non-profits to ensure needs in our community are met is incredibly rewarding.


In the 5 plus years, I’ve had the pleasure to serve as a Gilbert Council member, preceded by over 14 years I was lucky enough to provide direction as a Planning Commission member, I feel especially and uniquely qualified to be the next Gilbert Mayor.  Yet, I am open to learning more about what is important to our residents and our businesses to make certain that Gilbert is always the award-winning, happy, beautiful place that it is today.

Please reach out to me if you have questions!



Call or text 480-269-1669

Transportation and Infrastructure

Gilbert residents have spoken and I know these are issues they care deeply about.  The council has been working to find solutions.  And, as Mayor I will continue to make this a priority including the use of technology-based solutions for moving traffic through intersections as well as other efficient, effective, and “smart” solutions to keep Gilbert sustainable. This could be summed up with an infrastructure assessment and plan for addressing current and future needs.

Public Safety

Public Safety is a top priority for me. I have worked to ensure we are Hiring Police Officers and Firefighters to fill vacancies created by retirements and preparing for growth. With advanced time and technology, Gilbert must ensure Officers and Firefighters have the equipment needed to do their jobs and ensure they are receiving all the training needed to protect themselves and our community. 

Domestic Violence will be a focus of mine, I've had a diverse upbringing that allows me a different perspective. Making sure our residents have the services they need through this difficult time in their lives will be a topic in 2021. 

Economic Development

Economic recovery for small business will be key - I would convene a cabinet of small business owners to discuss what regulations they may need temporarily altered/waived to be successful post-COVID-19 and how the Town can partner with them. Our stakeholders are partners in everything we do in Gilbert. 

I am currently part of the NW Area Committee focusing on the oldest industrial/employment area in Gilbert. I believe what we learn and how we modify that area will be instrumental in future industrial and employment development in Gilbert. 

Healthy & Vibrant Community

Providing current and future Gilbert residents with a healthy and vibrant community means quality services, excelling at safety, being fiscally responsible, having great recreation opportunities and being a place that businesses want to be. The newly formed Veterans and Military Advisory Board is an important piece of this community moving forward. As the grand-daughter and daughter of Veterans I look forward to working with this board. 

This includes finding ways to expedite build-out of the Gilbert Regional Park to afford similar amenities in South Gilbert through public-private partnerships and budget prioritization.

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